Online Consultations

Getting to the doctor isn’t always easy, so let Amor Telehealth Center’s online consultations bring the doctor to you. With a virtual visit, you’ll get the same respectful attention you would receive at an in-person appointment. But you can stay close to home the whole time.

How Online Consultations Work

For most online consultations with Amor Telehealth Center, you will come to a clinic close to where you live. The location might be inside a nearby church or community center. A nurse or other health professional will be there to guide you through the online visit and help with the examination. You will be able to talk with the doctor directly on video and ask questions.

The physician will write you a prescription for any medications you need. If you want to book a follow-up visit or see a specialist, we’ll help you set up those appointments.

You can schedule an online consultation any time, for any of your primary health needs. We can perform annual exams or sports physicals, do lab tests, and treat many injuries and illnesses.

woman on telehealth visit

No Home Computer or Internet Needed

You don’t need an internet connection in your home for an online consultation with Amor Telehealth Center. You don’t even need a computer. Our clinic locations have all the equipment required for telehealth visits.

The only thing you have to do is show up at your scheduled appointment time. We’ll take care of the equipment, the technology, and the online connection. If you’ve never had a telehealth visit before, our staff will guide you through the process.

If you do have computer and internet access at home, that’s great, too. You can book your appointments online, and you may even be able to have simple telehealth visits in your own home. Check with us to see what’s available in your area.

Schedule an Online Consultation

Amor Telehealth Center is a faith-based, nonprofit organization. You do not need to have health insurance to become a patient.

Set up an appointment for an online consultation with Amor Telehealth Center through our scheduling page.