If you’re a healthcare professional, we need your help!

We need your help bringing healthcare closer to those in need, especially those in remote communities. Amor Telehealth Center Inc (ATC) strives to provide quality healthcare access to individuals in underserved urban and rural areas of Oklahoma using telehealth & telemedicine technology.

ATC uses a network of volunteer physicians, advance practice professionals, nurses, and hospital administrators to utilize two-way interactive telecommunication technology to serve these individuals.

What We Do

ATC strives to provide the following services to individuals in medically underserved urban and rural communities in Oklahoma, regardless of individual’s race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial status or ability to pay:

  1. Provide online two-way interactive video consults
  2. Connect volunteer physicians to provide medical care, whether it be in the patient’s home or at, rural clinics, to reduce barriers such as distance or lack of transportation.
  3. Provide patient education (i.e., chronic disease management, monitoring vital signs, medication compliance or nutrition guidance)
  4. As patient medical services are provided, ATC strives to share the love of Christ, His salvation and hope as a model for health and wellbeing.
doctor with child patient

How It Works

ATC’s model is to identify receptive churches across the state that will allow ATC to place a computer system with speaker, microphone, camera, and 23-inch-high definition monitor.  

A volunteer health professional and/or administrator will facilitate the telehealth encounter at the originating site (where the patient is located). At a scheduled appointment time, the physician, who will be located at a distant site, will be using a similar computer system communicate and remotely examine the patient.  If the physician needs to touch the patient to help with diagnosis, the nurse at the originating site will act as the physician’s hands and describe to the physician what they find.  The physician can then diagnose the problem, develop a treatment plan, prescribe medications for the patient’s medical condition. 

Our Goals

  1. Improve healthcare access for medically underserved population in Oklahoma
  2. Improve the quality of healthcare services
  3. Improve patient and provider satisfaction
  4. Build Healthy Communities as outlined by the Oklahoma State Department of Health
  5. Represent the faith community with love and compassion

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